If you are a student, and you are looking for information on how to earn a living working from home, sit down comfortably and keep reading, because this is the article that you need. Of course, by now you are probably aware that there are thousands of scams and that finding a legit online job is not as easy as it seems. However, the truth is that there actually are some legit online jobs for students. Here we will tell you how to spot them.
The first thing you must do is to detect scams... and run away! In fact, many people are so disappointed after falling for one scam after the other, that they no longer believe there are any legitimate jobs available! Pay attention and you’ll be able to tell them apart:

- Avoid paying for memberships: Not every website that requires a paid membership is a scam. However, there are many legit online jobs for students which you can apply for free, so why paying? If you had extra money to spend, would you be looking for a job in the first place?
- Can you name the product or service? When looking at the job description, can you actually tell what the job is about? For example, when I began as a freelance writer, I could tell people that my task was to write 400-500 word articles on requested topics. But if the job ad tells you it is “a unique method you’d never heard before” and doesn’t specify what you’ll need to do, chances are it is a scam.
- You won’t get rich in a day: We all dream of working online in our bathrobe for an hour or two and making thousands of dollars a month. Bad news: it’s not going to happen (at least, not in a day). So look for realistic opportunities and avoid false offers that will promise fortunes with little or no effort.
- Run away from pyramidal schemes! Have you heard of a business in where you earn money by enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than from any real investment or sale of products or services? It is illegal in many countries, as it is considered a form of fraud. Again, if you can’t name the product or service, it is probably an illegitimate job.
Now, all scams aside, which are the real legit online jobs for students? There are many. If you are very organized, you could work as virtual assistant: typing, website creations, data entering or answering emails. If you like photography or video, you could get an online job in video production and editing. If you enjoy writing, there is a lot of demand for articles on many different topics, and if you speak more than a language, you can also translate. Call centre and customer service jobs for many companies are available for online freelancers. Think about your strengths and make them worth!


This website is an all time favorite of all internet marketers. At some point of time or the other, individuals have tried to promote the products listed on the marketplace of this website. One of the best ways to advertise their products is by writing articles for ezinearticles.com and entering your website's url within the resource box. This methodology of selling is known as bum advertising/article marketing and doesn't involveany startup cost at all. An excellent alternative to article advertising can be Google's Adwords program, however it's not beneficial for individuals who wouldn't have any idea about keyword analysis. Furthermore, you need to pay for every visitor that comes to your website. So your finest bet could be to put in writing articles for article directories. Once you achieve expertise and cash, you possibly can move on to other methods like Adwords, Fb, Twitter, etc.


In case you are considering of beginning a house based enterprise that gives a great residual revenue, adsense would be an ideal alternative for you. Not like Clickbank, adsense does not necessitateyou to promote something online. You just want a web site or a blog and you ought to be on your approach to earning cash. Furthermore, there are several providers like blogger.com that mean you can construct gratisblogs which means you don't require your individual website. Nevertheless, to earn a very good earnings from adsense it's essential to carry out an in depth key phrase research and find an enormous quantity of site visitors to your web site, for the reason that pay per click is sort of low.


Ebay allows folks to sell their goods online. Whether you need to sell your music cds, furniture, and so forth, ebay will at all times enable you to find buyers. If you recognize what persons are shopping for on-line and can find a good wholesale dropshipper, your days can be damn comfortable. Nowadays reproduction's sell quite well.
Some example are, chinese iphone clones, duplicates of branded purses, duplicate rolex etc. Beware that you can findsome faux wholesale sites on the web as wellthat just wait for purchasers to enter their credentials into their databases!

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